At ENPICA, we are frequently asked during conference season if a particular activity or function is a good idea to implement at an event. Many of our clients are excited to bring something new and different to their students and we think that is a great idea! However…you may want to give us a call and run your idea by us first to discuss any potential risk and ensure this idea is covered by your policy.

As Risk Management experts, ENPICA tries to help clients understand that risk management is the job of everyone associated with the organization. Each person, from the Director to the volunteers and students, should consider how his or her actions might affect the association. Sometimes, a seemingly simple decision or action can have a significant impact and it can be helpful to brainstorm the idea with someone who can see things from a different perspective. ENPICA can assist you with that process.

If you are considering a new activity or program, or just want to discuss some great ideas to better engage your staff and students, call us. We are always happy to help and we love hearing about the great things you are doing to better serve your students. In the meantime, have a great conference!